Brooke Burke: Body After Four Kids

“It’s strange,” says Brooke Burke, mom to four kids ages 8 years to 6 months. “People ask me less about rearing children than they do my body.” But Brooke, have you seen yourself on Dancing with the Stars? Those abs! Those legs! Four kids? How is it possible? “I did it naturally,” says the TV host, 36, who has dropped 30 lbs. since welcoming son Shaya with former Baywatch star David Charvet in March. Besides Dancing practice, she does Pilates three times a week and takes four-mile hikes. And after trying “every crazy diet” in her modeling days, Burke, 5’7″, has settled on a five-small-meal plan of protein, vegetables and few carbs (save for a glass of wine or late-night bowl of cereal).

Another trick? After her last two pregnancies, “I wrapped an elastic compression garment from my hips to my ribs for 40 days. It supports all that baggy skin and, I believe, engages your core muscles.” Burke sells the wraps, called Tauts ($56-$62), at She’s happy to share her secrets, but might like to talk about something else too. “It’s not just getting your body back,” says Burke, who stops her interview to clap and tell Rain, 19 months, “‘That’s amazing!’ My daughter just went to the bathroom by herself. That’s my life.”


Courtesy of People